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From Minnesota Reformer: Chaotic end leaves Democratic Legislature with a few wins
May 20, 2024

Democratic lawmakers in the final hour of the 2024 legislative session passed a 1,400 page bill that includes a lengthy list of policy items, from minimum pay rates for Uber and Lyft drivers to increased penalties for straw gun purchases and changes to the state’s paid leave law that will result in a higher payroll tax.

Republicans cried foul, shouting at the rostrum in both the House and Senate as the clock ticked toward the midnight deadline.

For 30 minutes they shouted “Shame!” and “Follow the rules!” as Democrats — nursing a one-vote majority in the Senate — shut down debate and forced a vote on the bill while ignoring Republican yelling.

Even with the legislative hijinks, Democrats failed to take action on some key items: They’d hope to place the Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution on the 2026 ballot, while supporters of legalized sports betting again went home disappointed, as Minnesota will remain one of the few states in the Midwest without it.

Democrats ended the session without achieving their signature goal: A roughly $900 million infrastructure bill, which required a supermajority — i.e., Republican votes — because it would be financed with borrowed money. Unable to win Republican support, lawmakers will head home without new funding for water treatment plants, roads, bridges, university buildings and other public works projects.

You can read the rest of this Minnesota Reformer article here.

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