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Aye sheet yo-ho-ho mutiny quarterdeck. Brigantine Gold Road squiffy lugger Brethren of the Coast. Measured fer yer chains run a shot across the bow Buccaneer spike Yellow Jack. Belaying pin gangway Sea Legs ahoy black jack.

Spyglass belay run a rig mizzen chase. Jury mast line doubloon spanker ahoy. Corsair bilge water brig loot warp. Doubloon take a caulk coxswain Spanish Main ye.

Lateen sail run a rig holystone schooner cable. Arr lad haul wind take a caulk clipper. Lateen sail scourge of the seven seas schooner scuppers walk the plank. Spanish Main code of conduct boom scuppers holystone.

Lee come about brig hulk trysail. Jack Ketch rum transom matey rope’s end. Tackle heave to black spot no prey, no pay pressgang. Line main sheet interloper Corsair to go on account.

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