Teamsters authorize strike

Teamsters 320 announced earlier this week that the unionized members of the St. Louis County Public Works have voted to authorize a strike against the county. A marathon 19-hour negotiation session couldn’t get the county to a contract, and the vote was held Dec. 15.
About 180 county employees are members of Teamsters 320; they are largely snow plow operators and mechanics, as well as bridge workers, building maintenance employees, parts specialists and sign technicians.
Teamsters 320 said it will file its intent to strike after January 1, 2020. A date and time for work stoppage has not yet been determined.
Healthcare is a main sticking point in negotiations, the union said. Employees of the PWD get less coverage and pay more than management and nonunion employees. Seniority rights and COL increases are also a concern, the union said.
“We have offered many solutions to help St. Louis County retain and recruit top talent,” said Teamsters Local 320 Business Agent and lead negotiator Erik Skoog. “Instead, the County has been combative and chose to ignore our requests.”

“If a work stoppage is called, St. Louis County Teamsters will be supported by multimillion dollar Teamsters Strike and Defense Fund,” says Local 320 Secretary Treasurer and principal officer Brian Aldes. “Our members will have the full support of the Teamsters including strike sanctions against the County should a work stoppage occur.”

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