Teamsters 320 will begin strike on Wednesday

Teamsters Local 320, which represents plow drivers and other employees in St. Louis County, announced Tuesday afternoon that its work stoppage will begin Wednesday, January 15.

The union released a statement saying “negotiators and members of Teamsters Local 320 employed by the St. Louis County Public Works Department have decided to engage in a county-wide work stoppage.”

The union said this will effect every PWD property and there will be ongoing pickets at each location, as well as mobile pickets following any PWD vehicles deployed without Teamster drivers.

“This was a tough decision for the membership to make,” says Brian Aldes, Teamsters Local 320 Secretary Treasurer and Principal Officer. “However, the Teamsters employed by St. Louis County deserve parity of benefits with the civil service and merit employees.”

The union said it will keep lines of communication open with the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services should St. Louis County request additional mediation after its final contract offer.

“These hardworking employees make a daily commitment to drive into blizzard conditions when most folks avoid inclement weather,” says Erik Skoog, Teamsters Local 320 Recording Secretary and chief negotiator. “These employees spend nights, holidays, and weekends clearing roads in dangerous conditions and will not continue to be second class employees.”

Teamsters Local 320 is prepared to continue the strike until the demands of the members are met, the union said.        

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