Teamster morale remains high as winter storm looms

Despite below-zero temperatures and brutal wind chills, morale was sky-high on the picket line among striking members of Teamsters Local 320 on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Northland, predicting at least six inches of snow and up to a foot in some parts of St. Louis County over the weekend. On Wednesday, snow squalls in Duluth and toward the Iron Range required plowing on county roads. Supervisors and others worked the equipment.

“They may pretend it wasn’t a mess today, but it’s clear the county is not prepared and the storm coming this weekend is shaping up to be even worse,” the union said on its Facebook page. “It is their responsibility to help find a solution, not to blame the workers for the situation they caused when they ended negotiations.”

At the Jean Duluth garage, striking Teamsters said support has been overwhelming as people bring hot drinks and snacks, and the majority of vehicles honk in solidarity as they pass by.

The Teamsters have asked supporters to sign a petition to show their support. People can also contact their county commissioners.

Check back for updates on this developing story. You can read past coverage here.

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