Robinson presents memento to CLB

Buddy Robinson presented a brick from the Diamond Tool factory to the Duluth CLB.Buddy Robinson of the Minnesota Citizens Federation, previously known as the Senior Federation, presented a brick from the old Diamond Tool property to the Central Labor Body at the last meeting. He was there to talk about the close ties the organization has had to the Duluth-area labor movement. The organization was created and sustained primarily by union retiree groups and their leaders, and addressed affordable health care for everyone, affordable energy and utilities, fair taxes, and worker justice. Unfortunately, the Federation will be halting its activities.
Robinson said he is still available to present on universal health care and Medicare For All. The presentation is free and can help clarify what the terms mean, how they would change our health care system and what politicians mean when they talk about it. You can get a hold of him at to request a presentation for your group.

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