Today is Primary Day

If you haven’t gotten your primary ballot in, you can still drop it off at your county auditor’s office or vote in person before 8 p.m.
Voters in Duluth have a rare DFL primary to get through, as incumbent state Sen. Erik Simonson is facing a challenge from a first-time candidate.
The Duluth Central Labor Body endorsed Simonson while Senate District 7 DFL picked a different candidate. The endorsement split was the latest race in which the party unit increasingly finds itself focusing on a single issue when making endorsing decisions.
Simonson was elected to the Senate in 2016 and served in the state house four years before that. He has routinely taken the lead on education, affordable healthcare, economic development and Labor issues.
Simonson has received a slew of endorsements besides Labor, including former congressman Rick Nolan, former Minnesota lieutenant governor Yvonne Prettner Solon, former state senator Roger Reinert, several former and current city councilors and others.
“Erik Simonson has served as a strong leader on all sorts of issues that the Union members in Duluth care about,” said CLB President Beth McCuskey.
“He’s brought jobs to the city and worked to make health care more affordable to all. He stands with Labor and Labor stands with him,” McCuskey said. 
“With so much at stake, Duluth needs Erik Simonson in the Legislature,” said Craig Olson, president of the Duluth Construction and Building Trades Council. “He’s a solid advocate for the Labor community and his experience and leadership gets things done.” 
Simonson is currently serving as assistant minority leader in the Senate, and he also serves on the Environment and Natural Resources Finance committee, the Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy Committee, and is the ranking minority member on the Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy committee.

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