Minnesota Nurses Association announces intent for three-day strike

Describing today as a “somber day,” Minnesota Nurses Association President Mary Turner announced that thousands of nurses will strike for three days at 15 properties around the state, including Duluth, starting Sept. 12.

“Over a decade ago, 12,000 nurses went on strike in the metro area. Today, 15,000 in the Twin Citeis, Duluth, Superior and Moose Lake are announcing our intent to strike. This strike is historic, not just because it will be the largest private sector nurses strike in United States history, but it’s the first time so many nurses across the state will strike together.”

Turner said the strike from 12 years ago was over safe staffing, and it’s the same issue today. “Everywhere in Minnesota, nurses have watched CEOs with million-dollar salaries understaffing our units and pushing us to do more with less, even before the pandemic hit. Falls, deaths and adverse events are going up. Is it any surprised overworked, under-appreciated nurses are quitting in droves?”

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