Duluth Building Trades call three local boycotts

The Duluth Building and Construction Trades Council has had enough.
After tangling with several contractors and projects over upholding local standards, licensing and hiring local, the council has called for a boycott of three businesses.
“When businesses come into Duluth and won’t support local workers, the men and women who do good work, then they have to learn that there are consequences,” said Craig Olson, president of the Duluth Building Trades.
Olson said the council is asking local Union families and other Labor supporters to avoid shopping or getting services at the Pizza Ranch at Miller Hill Mall, the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on Highway 53 in Hermantown, and Tommy’s Car Wash  on Central Entrance.
Olson said it had been several years since the Building Trades had called for a boycott, but that it was time. “You’ve seen the Fat Cat and Scabby the Rat at these sites, and there will likely be more pickets,” he said. “People just should not support these businesses.”
Olson said London Road Car Wash has a good relationship with the Building Trades, with two locations in the area. “It’s a similar business, and they use local contractors,” he said.
Olson said too often, contractors will get a foundation in the ground and then start subcontracting with out-of-area companies that undermine local standards of pay and benefits.
Matt Preble, an organizer with IBEW 242, said the O’Reilly’s project had unlicensed electricians on the job as well, and that the state of Minnesota got after them for it.
Preble said it’s frustrating that contractors are fighting to keep standards low.
In the meantime, keep your eyes open for Scabby or the Fat Cat, and find ways to support local businesses that support local families.

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