Citizens Climate Lobby presents update

The Citizens Climate Lobby made a presentation at the January Duluth Central Labor Body to provide an update on its work to find a bipartisan market-based climate solution.
The organization now has a bill in the U.S. House, HR 763, and the CCL is now informing the public about it. The bill consists of three main proposals:
• A rising price on every ton of CO2 equivalent, starting at $15 per ton the first year, and an additional $10 per ton every year afterward. This price would be paid by the companies that pump, mine or import materials into the country.
• These fees are then refunded back to every U.S. citizen equally. While fossil fuel prices will rise, this refund will rise more quickly.
• A Border Carbon Adjustment would be assessed at the border and put in a fund. A U.S. steel company that wants to export steel to a country without carbon pricing equal to this country would receive a refund on the fee paid on fossil fuels used to produce the steel.
According to the CCL, carbon pricing could spark new construction, energy upgrades and the use of industrial waste heat for home heating, and many of these projects, if they were municipal projects, would require union labor, the CCL said. “Those of you in this hall, yes, you’ll still have a job. The investment in changing energy generation would be a couple billion dollars.”
The House bill has 75 cosponsors and there is a Senate bill ready for sponsorship.
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.
For more information on the organization and its work, visit

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