Central Labor Body expresses support for Walz’s pandemic efforts

Discussion at the Duluth Central Labor Body meeting in Duluth led to the proposal of making a statement supporting Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz in his efforts to help the state get a handle on the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic, public health, educational and social aftermath.
As a result, Duluth Central Labor Body said it strongly supports Gov. Walz and thanks him for the leadership he has shown during this deadly pandemic.
“Throughout this pandemic, Gov. Walz has relied on science to guide public policy recommendations and has collaborated and coordinated with scientists and the medical community. His leadership and his stewardship of the Emergency Powers is something Minnesotans should be proud of,” said Beth McCuskey, president of the Duluth Central Labor Body.
Despite this track record and his grounding of public policy in science and common sense, the Governor’s partisan detractors have used the pandemic as a political lightning rod by sowing doubt about the pandemic and fear of the public health response to it.
“Common sense tools that can stop the spread of the virus have been baselessly attacked. These attacks on science and common sense are attacks on public health,” McCuskey added.
As Minnesotans have moved through this pandemic, businesses, non-profits, government entities, and individual citizens have all put their shoulders to the wheel of public health with the goal of keeping our communities safe. Teachers, nurses, janitors, retail workers, fire fighters, and all the other frontline workers who serve our communities go to work each day to make our economy work. Governor Walz honors that work each day with steady leadership and common sense approaches to the pandemic.
Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many workers and small business owners alike. The problems it has caused will not be fixed easily or immediately. The solution is not to ignore the public health risks. For our economy and state to recover and thrive, we need to approach these issues with science and common sense, not stick our heads in the sand.
“As workers, we will continue to stand up against short sightedness that threatens our very lives,” McCuskey said. “As workers, we care deeply about being able to serve and help our communities. As workers, we urge elected officials to partner with the Governor and continue to move Minnesota forward, together.”

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