AFL-CIO issues coronavirus statement

The AFL-CIO issued a statement and flyer addressing the threat of the widespread transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). “Health care workers, firefighters, police, airline workers, emergency service workers and other first responders will be on the front lines of responding to an outbreak,” the statement said. “But as we have seen with the initial response to the virus on our nation’s shores, our health care workers and first responders do not have the necessary resources and equipment or adequate training and communication available to protect them from contracting, and spreading, this virus.”
The federation has established a resource page on its website to provide its latest information about the threat. You can learn more at
The federation identified workers who may be at higher risk to infection as the virus continues to spread. Health care workers, emergency responders, those working in airline or other transportation operations, border and transportation security workers, correctional workers, educators, cleaners and those identified as “essential personnel” by their employers are likely to be at higher risk, the federation said.
“The COVID-19 coronavirus isn’t the first time our nation has faced the threat of a pandemic outbreak. In the past two decades alone, we have seen deadly viruses such as SARS, Ebola, swine flu (H1N1) and avian flu (H5N1) pose the real threat of causing a national health emergency,” the statement said. “And each emerging public health threat revealed a woefully unprepared health care system unable to adequately address these threats by reducing the risk of exposure to the general public and giving proper protection, resources and training to workers on the front lines.”
The federation pointed out that “the labor movement has long advocated for increased federal, state and local funding needed to restore the public health infrastructure and to respond to public health emergencies, and the comprehensive, enforceable standards necessary to ensure all workers on the front line of an outbreak are protected from infectious disease agents so they can provide the vital services, treatment and care the public depends on.”
“The AFL-CIO is working with our affiliates to immediately develop and disseminate educational, training and logistical resources and recommendations and the most up-to-date materials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the World Health Organization, research experts and others about the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak,” the statement said.

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