Activists push back on right wing CRT event

An event billed as an opportunity to learn about the “indoctrination” Critical Race Theory poses to Minnesota students was cancelled in Duluth after pushback from the public.

The Center of the American Experiment, a right-wing think-tank headquartered in Golden Valley, had scheduled a presentation at the Northland Country Club for June 17. It was part of the Center’s “Raise Our Standards” tour, a multi-day event across Minnesota in which more than a dozen similar presentations were scheduled.

Northland later issued a statement saying it could not hold the event because of staffing issues. The CAE rescheduled the event at the Holiday Inn Center, but later announced that the event was postponed and a new date would be announced in the future.

Critical Race Theory is an academic theory that has been around for decades and is used to examine and explain systemic racism. It was originally used to dig into the “how” and “why” of systemic racism within the legal system and has been expanded to examine other systems as well, such as health care and finance, and how they perpetuate racial inequality. It is not a curriculum.

The CAE is a regular proponent of school vouchers. “Alternatives to public schools” was one of the topics scheduled for discussion in the presentation. It also regularly holds anti-union events, including a celebration of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision a couple of years ago. That event in Minneapolis was picketed by the Teamsters and other unions.

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